Fools Rush in Zion | Zion, Utah

A boy grabs a book and his camera, staring at the breathtaking view before him. His beautiful girlfriend looks out at the vast canyon that is Zion only seen via Angel’s Landing, a strenuous hike 5,785 feet above sea level and probably unlike any other hike you have experienced. The boy hands his camera to a fellow hiker, “Hey, Mind taking a pic?” “Of course!” she replies.

As the couple gets situated for the photo, the boy bends down on his knee, opens up the book with a cutout and in it a diamond ring shines bright. Shakily, he begins to recite what he rehearsed for days. “Would you like to start the next story of our lives together and marry me?” Cue the ukulele players Fools Rush In begins to play in the background. “Wise men say...only fools rush in and I can’t help falling in love with you.” She says yes and the 20 or so people standing on top of the rock begin to cheer and wipe away the tears. What a beautiful site to behold- love amongst nature.

Nappock (verb) meaning to nap in a hammock. Made up by Ashley.

I have never been the camping type of girl. The opportunity rarely arises and I have a fear of bugs. But that did not stop me from joining my brother along with 78 other campers for a Christian Younglife college church retreat. I love adventure and I had the month off so why not? After eight hours of a bumpy car ride in the middle seat, we made it to Zion, Utah. I highly recommend it to everyone. Not only for nature lovers but it makes one hell of a backdrop for Instagram photos. It is quite an enchantment.

Top Hikes

  1. The Narrows - Level: Strenuous - Up to 12 miles of river hiking where the water could rise up to your waist. I didn’t do this but my companions who did said it is surreal and should be experienced by everyone.
  2. Angel’s Landing - Level: Strenuous - 5 miles hike up a rock formation. About an hour and a half in, the only thing keeping you from falling off the rock is the metal chain wrapped around the formation. Highly recommended for adrenaline junkies and hiking enthusiasts. I did see kids here as well. Up to 5 hours hike roundtrip.
  3. Emerald Pools - Level: Moderate - 3 miles up to see a pool of green water. Great for kids and your camera.
  4. Weeping Rock - Level: SUPER EASY - 0.5 miles to see a curved arch rock seeping water. Still beautiful and fun to see with the family.

Other Tips: I recommend the moonlight hike. Check the moon calendar online to see when it is the brightest.

Check out the Deep Creek Cafe for a breathtaking view up on the patio and refreshing smoothies. The music and ambience are very chill and everyone there from the baristas to the customers are nice.

Fun fact: Zion in Greek is Σιών or Sión which means indeclinable - unable to go down

One love, Baddies. Please comment your thoughts! <3