Travel Arsenal


Packing has become second nature to me after being a professional traveler for three and a half years. I could easily pack in my sleep, and trust me, I have. I most definitely have woken up from dreams of flying clothes that magically roll neatly into my luggage. After sixteen countries, trial and error, and a love for lists, I dubbed myself an expert.


The basics:

  1. Lips – Burts Bees Chapstick & Kat Von D Lolita
  2. Eyes – cheap $10 sunglasses, my Warby Parker glasses, AA eyemask
  3. Face- Aveeno SPF 15 Moisturizer, Neutrogena Makeup Remover
  4. Hair – Detangler Brush (Santorini taught me a lesson to keep this)
  5. Paper – Marble Passport Case from TJ Maxx, journal
  6. Electronics – Go Pro Hero LCD+, Nikon Coolpix P340, Portable Charger, Wasabi Camera Battery Charger


On my flight attendant layovers:


Depending on my layover, I tend to gravitate toward the same types of basic clothing. I always have one dress, work out clothes, pajamas, a swimsuit, jeans and a top. If I’m going to Hawaii, which is usually once a month, I bring two bathing suits, shorts, workout clothes and two dresses. For shoes I either have my black Nikes or white Adidas, my work heels, and flats.

The Kitchen:

There are flight attendants who bring rice cookers or bullet blenders in their luggage. From my experience, I learned that some tend to bring their whole house in five bags for a two-day trip. When I see that, the song “Bag Lady” by Erykah Badu gets stuck in my head for the whole day.

I don’t know if it was being based in New York where I learned to consolidate in order to survive the two subways and three flights of stairs during my commute or my minimalistic lifestyle but I learned to pack just my necessities into my luggage and a tote bag. I would have the occasional lunch bag if I went home to raid my mother’s refrigerator.

When I was on one of those Herbalife diets, I would keep a portable blender with me until I almost burned down my hotel room in Brazil. After that, I started to just bring a blender bottle, protein and pre-workout.


Book currently in my tote bag:

“You are a Badass How To Stop Doubting Your Greatness And Start Living An Awesome Life”

By Jen Sincero

She is funny and real. It is a nice compilation of certain clichés you just need in life to keep going as a reminder that you, indeed, are a bad ass. She most definitely motivates you to take big risks and stop sweating the small stuff.  


Current Spotify favorites:

  1. “10,000 Hours” by Ella Mai
  2. “Overload” by John Legend & Miguel
  3. “Confidently Lost” by Sabrina Claudio
  4. “Location” by Khalid


When I am traveling on vacation, I normally keep a backpack with me. My two favorites are my Henri Bendel jetsetter backpack and a gray one I haggled for in Hong Kong. Keeping yourself handsfree while traveling makes things a lot easier to take photos and explore where you are. In my Cuba, Rome, and Tokyo video, you could definitely see me wearing it in a few shots. Check the link for my Youtube videos.

Be sure to ask questions about my travel arsenal and what I take with me. Share what necessities you have to have with you when you travel! Thanks travel baddies <3